Many people use a gym without truly understanding how to get quality, healthy and progressive results. Well here at Inline Fitness Centre we have the solution in two words – Personal Training.

Whether it’s a short course of sessions for education, learning and corrective technique or long term motivation, support or guidance here’s a short evaluation of the advantages of personal training for all ages and abilities.

– Fun and varied sessions every time you enter the gym
– Weight loss, muscle development, diet analysis, injury and operation rehab, flexibility, cardiovascular development, confidence, general health and fitness and much more.
– That solid consistent support that’s required to achieve anything in life and especially fitness.
– Constant in body analysis and evaluation of physicality
– Program planning and applied strategies of training
– Motivational support and confidence
– Nutritional guidance and dietary analysis (applied nutrition to your training)
– Benefit from a wider range of training knowledge, techniques, disciplines and exercises.
– Clear guidance of objectives and attainable goals
– Focus and drive to progressive change in lifestyle and life choices
– Confidence given regardless of ability, age, injury and fitness levels.
– Professional and educated outcomes based on all your personal attributes from time management to personal tastes, likes and needs.

Along with all the above the trainers at Inline Fitness Centre have varying skill sets in order for all clients to achieve their own particular goals. From basic Level 3 Personal training which all the trainers have through to GP and Exercise Referral we cover all the bases so why not get your journey started today you won’t regret it.

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