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Keeping your business in great shape

Your people are the lifeblood of your company: their wellbeing is critical to your success.

Research confirms that a healthy workforce performs more effectively and that investing in staff wellbeing creates increased employee engagement and loyalty. Which means your business is more profitable and productive and your staff are healthier and more focused – with less absence from sickness.

There are clear benefits at work and at home, including:

  • Improved memory and mental sharpness
  • Better time management
  • A reduction in and a healthier response to stress
  • More creative approach
  • Getting a better night’s sleep
  • Increased confidence and motivation

And having a fitness buddy from work is great for teambuilding – the team that plays together, stays together.

Inline Corporate Membership

We want you and your employees to achieve the best results that you can, individually and working together in your business. Our corporate membership packages offer unrivalled benefits and facilities at a discounted price, depending on how many staff choose to join us. Our Fitness Plus option provides additional services that can be added to create a more bespoke package.

We have a mission to create health and balance in the workplace, no matter what size you are – good things come in small, medium and large packages! So, unlike many gyms, we offer discounted rates for businesses that sign up with as few as 3 members.  We’ll also discuss with you any specific requirements related to staff working hours: if an off-peak membership is the best value for you, that’s what we’ll arrange.

All of our corporate members receive the following benefits for each individual who joins Inline:

  • Induction session and 7-day free trial for each new member
  • Personal assessment and fitness programme
  • Nutritional and wellbeing advice
  • Unlimited access to gym facilities*
  • Unlimited access to 40 classes per week*
  • Support and advice always available from qualified instructors
  • Ongoing coaching

*Off-peak members will have unlimited access at off-peak times

We also arrange the following to manage the engagement process and keep track of how your membership’s going

  • Support and material to launch the membership in your business
  • Assessment and tracking of company wellbeing goals

Standard Packages Before Bespoke Additions

Platinum          20-30 employees        (40% Discount)

Gold                 10-20 employees        (30% Discount)

Silver               5-10 employees          (25% Discount)

Bronze             3 to 5 employees       (20% Discount)

Fitness plus programme

Some of our Corporate Members like us to supply additional services. Here are some that can be added on to the standard package – we are always prepared to discuss others that may not be included here.

  • On-site fitness sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions in dedicated treatment room
  • Group training for special events/team challenges
  • On-site holistic therapy sessions
  • Personal training sessions
  • Wellbeing days

To contact us directly to discuss any of the packages we have to offer or to simply arrange a free consultation contact Inline Fitness Corporate Manager John today on inlinefitnessjohn@gmail.com or click the link and provide your company information.

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