David Holden Inline Fitness

“I have worked with people who are at risk of health conditions such as diabetes, orthopaedic problems, obesity and a range of health conditions.”

I offer challenging sessions, that are fun, rewarding and results based.
‘To constantly challenge and motivate clients to achieve the optimum level of sustainable fitness’


Amelia Bailey

I have a lifelong passion for promoting health and fitness, whilst making it fun. I thrive on seeing clients smashing their goals, seeing positive changes, and most of all enjoying it. I strive to improve client confidence, knowledge and self-esteem.

Qualified and experienced in health, with a Bsc (Hons) Nursing degree, and over 11 years experience in health and fitness. Level 3 Reps Personal Trainer qualification and Nutrition certificate.  I enjoy all aspects of fitness and am a huge believer in balance.
I am a committed and caring trainer who strives to empower individuals to a healthier, sustainable lifestyle.
As a personal trainer I aim to ensure that you smash your goals and move closer to the person that you want to be.
Whether its fat loss, general fitness, strength and conditioning or specific training requirements.

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