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Hi, I am Tyrone Langley all the way from sunny Cape Town, South Africa!

I moved to the the UK at the age of 18 to join the Parachute Regiment and later Special Forces Support Group. After serving 6 years I was ready for a change and took my life long passion for health and fitness to the next level.

During my health and fitness journey I became a fully plant based (Vegan) Personal Trainer and Coach.

My approach to training is simple yet effective. “Sophistication in simplicity” I like to say. Get Strong. Get fit. Lose fat. Yet whatever your fitness goal is by sticking to principally sound, tried and tested methods of training you will get you there. I’m not only passionate about not only training but educating in the process. I will never point you in the direction of a machine without explaining why it is necessary.

I bring with me a wealth of experience, passion, drive and positive energy.  We all have goals, and mine is to pass on my love and knowledge for training to anyone who’s willing to learn.


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  • L2 Fitness Instructing
  • L3 Personal Training
  • L3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
  • L4 Sports Massage

Diploma in Health and Fitness

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