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Inline fitness is not just a gym, it’s more a family. It’s a place of encouragement, education and knowledge. Fantastic indoor, outdoor and class facilities plus a healthy cafe with meal prep options. Friendly knowledgeable trainers always someone around to help. Most people myself included join a gym for weight loss and I also wanted to increase strength. Two years later working with a fantastic trainer Iv stopped focusing on my weight and more the weight I’m lifting. I’ve gained so much confidence; I balance out my work stress with the gym, gain strength for my aerial hobbies. Through guidance and education my trainings changed more focused and goal set, highly recommend inline fitness, not just about changing and improving the body it’s the mind to.

Clare Marie

I was one of the typical join in January types at Inline Fitness at which time I weighed 21 stone 6 pounds, I really didn’t get into the swing of it until mid January 2018. I was tired, lazy and struggling to get the motivation to get myself fit and to lose weight.

After speaking to John and his PTs at the centre I had a clear, staged goals, access to the best equipment and meal plans and the best advice I have ever had. Everyone was really friendly which is key for me, you’re more part of a family than a “client”

I have been to many gyms over the years but I get “gym fatigue” and I get sick of turning up and doing the same things and no interaction. When trying to train by yourself it is quite hard and the fantastic atmosphere at this gym has kept me coming back to the point where I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t go. Which is something I have never had before.

I am now at 16 stone 6 pounds and have lost 5 stone in a little over 11 months.

Without the help and attitude of the staff at the gym I don’t think I could have achieved this.

There is no better place to exercise and certainly non friendlier.

Thanks to John and the team

Bryan Proud

Inline Fitness offers me the perfect balance of privacy and support for my training. With the guidance of John and his team I've reviewed my training routine, eating habits and personal goals. The environment is very focused and allows me to work out amongst like-minded individuals without the need to queue for machines, weights or studio space. The attitude here is very family orientated and members are all friendly and amiable which is a credit to the atmosphere created by John and the team - thank you!

Michael Steele

I became a member of inline Fitness after a 7day free trial 4 years ago. The first PT l met was John who is also the owner. l had never been in a gym before although years ago l had done aerobics . I was very overweight and so unfit at 59.

John immediately made me feel comfortable. After my 7day pass l could not wait to join the gym l liked the fact there was varied ages and fitness levels everyone is welcome. I found the staff super friendly the gym is not busy and the classes are not crowded they are fun and varied with a different trainer every day they are encouraging and supportive the gym has a great atmosphere. The PT’s are knowledgeable, no two PT’s are the same they are quick to offer advice and tips. The gym is clean with plenty of equipment. So after my after my first year l had lost 4 stone and my Fitness levels were not bad. So now at 63 l wake up every morning looking forward to going to the gym. I have met some lovely members who have become firm friends. So well done to John and your team all the very best for 2019

Terri Williams

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