How to use Watt Bikes correctly and effectively at Inline Fitness

Watt Bikes are the best indoor cycling machine on the market. Heres a brief description on how to set yourself up with the app technology to get the most out of your sessions.

1. Download the Watt Bike App on either Android or the App Store

2. Complete registration on the app

3. Position yourself on the bike correctly (ask staff member to help if unsure).

4.Turn the monitor on and through the app choose your workout, test or just ride.

5. Press Play on your phone and sync the correct bike to your phone (Left bike (34648) Right Bike (34643)

6. Press play again to start you workout.

7. Workouts, tests and just ride will stop automatically and all workouts will be saved in your app user history.

We will be running competitions on the bikes over the forthcoming months so get some practice in, get your app up and running.

The app and watt bikes also link into Strava which for those of you who are unfamiliar is a fantastic app that logs Running and Cycling.

Any further questions feel free to ask.

Thanks and enjoy your sessions


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