Get more from your work out by including a Yoga class in your weekly gym routine:

Perfect to compliment weight training, cardio and HIIT


Forrest yoga is a modern practice designed to help with the strains of a western lifestyle: Exercising, sitting at a desk or even driving, all put undue stress on the body.

“Prolonged sitting is the new smoking” (Dr Nikita A Visniak)

Our bodies are not designed to deal with the stress of modern life (e.g. looking at a smart phone or computer giving us increased neck flexion (text neck) puts enormous stress on the spine). Here’s a real-life postural example:




Holding your head at a 60 degree angle puts an incredible 27kg (that’s just over 4 stone) of pressure through your poor neck! Bet you just sat up-right?

Apart from having the ability to give you sore, stiff and achy shoulders and persistent head aches, having computer spine or text neck means that you will inevitably have an increased curve in the lower spine. This not only gives the appearance of a bigger belly but massively increases your risk of injury.






93% of adults will develop low back pain at some point. Practicing yoga strengthens your postural muscles and gives you the core strength to help protect you from this:


We can do endless crunches, in the gym and still never feel like we are getting anywhere with our core. Slow and mindful abdominal exercises, using breath, will get you strong and connected to that area. This means that when you are running, weight training or doing cardio training your spine will be protected by your strong core.


‘Im too stiff for yoga, I cant even touch my toes!’ This is the equivalent of saying ‘I’m too dirty to take a shower.’


In my classes I will individually encourage each person to feel the perfect stretch level and take it NO FURTHER than that. Intelligent sequencing is used to progressively warm up the body to work towards deepening the postures which helps to prevent injury and to use the body safely. 


The more you practice yoga the more flexible you become, it is a gradual process but happens surprisingly quickly. Having increased flexibility means that you will be more mobile and go deeper in to your training, for example in a squat your hamstrings will allow you to achieve a full 90 degree angle.


HIIT training puts huge stress on the joints, having the strength and mobility in the muscles around those joints will protect them. If jumping around doing HIIT training is more your style, then a weekly Yoga practice will help you to stay mobile and injury free.




7.30pm – 8.45pm

Inline Fitness Centre, Blaydon



Get in touch for details of more classes.





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