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Personal Training

Here at Inline Fitness we provide a huge variation in skill sets relating to Personal Training. No matter what your goals, aims and objectives we will be able to provide fantastic support and guidance…

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Each program will have specific routines for you, exercises, reps, weights, cardio, flexibility, durations, rest etc. They are all tailored to your goals and can be instantly…

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Inline is different – Training in commercial gyms can be crowded with a lack of space. With a capped membership base off 400 and over 9,000 sq.ft of quality training space we…

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Working out of Inline Fitness Centre’s multi use therapy room we have a group of fantastic professionals providing multiple services to help all gym members and the public with…

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The on site Inbody Analysis 230 provides members (free) non members (£5) the chance to receive one of the best body composition analysis machines available on the market…

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Nutrition plays a vital part of any training regime or everyday living. In order for you to gain the most from training and exercise, combining nutritional development and specifying…

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