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Experience Fitness / Physiotherapy And Nutrition Offerings All In One Place

We aren’t just a typical gym; we offer everything that you might need for your fitness and wellbeing journey. From nutrition on site by Inline Nutrition right through to Osteopathy Services and Physiotherapy.

So why not arrange your free 7 day trial today and see for yourself. No hassle no hard sell, just come and see what Inline Fitness Centre has to offer you.

Inline Fitness Blaydon

Capped Membership

With only 400 active members at any one time, we provide unparalleled levels of space.

Memberships with you in mind at Inline Fitness Blaydon

In House Classes

All of your favourite classes in one place, regular and professionally ran by our specialist team.

Inline Personal Fitness Blaydon

Personal Training

Take your fitness and goals to the next level with personal training from one of our specialist trainers.

Memberships with you in mind at Inline Fitness Blaydon

Off Peak & Peak Membership Options

Only pay for what you need with our cost-effective membership options at Inline Fitness Blaydon.

Physiotherapy Inline Fitness Blaydon

Physiotherapy Services

Specialist Physiotherapy services provided by Northumberland Physiotherapy.

Osteopath at Inline Fitness Blaydon

Osteopath Services

Specialist Osteopathy Services provided by Fruition Osteopathy.

Nutrition Inline Fitness Blaydon

In House Nutrition

In House nutrition and café provided by Inline Nutrition in Blaydon.

Osteopath at Inline Fitness Blaydon

Large Training Facility

Our large 11,000 sq. ft of indoor and outdoor training facility.

Free fitness trial at Inline Fitness Blaydon

Come in and see us for a 7 day free trial and receive unlimited peak time class and gym use for 7 days. Let us show you what Inline Fitness Centre in Blaydon is all about.

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Success Stories

"I have been to many gyms over the years but I get “gym fatigue” and I get sick of turning up and doing the same things and no interaction. When trying to train by yourself it is quite hard and the fantastic atmosphere at this gym has kept me coming back to the point where I feel like I’m missing out if I don’t go. Which is something I have never had before."

Bryan Proud